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A new dynamic light that makes you feel better

Experience Dynamic Lighting

6 500 K
3 000 K

A great innovation in ​LED
technology has arrived

Like a magnificent bird, it spreads its glowing wings. A warm, comfortable
feeling surrounds you. Clair is here.

Our aim in designing Clair was to provide clinical environments with a large LED fitting that delivers maximum illumination and colour rendering. The result was so much more. Clair is a hygienic and energy-efficient fitting that emits minimal radiating heat and affords an optimal level of working light. In addition, its appearance blends into your working environment, in spite of its size.

With the dynamic daylight option, you can adjust the level of illumination to simulate real daylight. Being able to change colour temperature according to changes in daylight not only affords a good working light, but also creates a more comfortable feeling and working environment. A major advance in LED technology is here. Clair has arrived.

Hygiene on
a higher level

For almost all our customers, hygiene is a key factor. In an exposed environment, you need all the help you can get to avoid the spread of infections and contamination. Clair is specifically designed for this. It features a 100 % aluminium housing, and the fitting itself is enclosed so that no dirt can get in, making it hygienic and easy to clean.

Control everything
with one button

The accompanying remote control features a dimmer function and two quick buttons, which can be programmed to work in different modes such as viewing X-rays and working with composite materials. A dynamic light option is also available, enabling you to control colour temperature.

Dynamic daylight
and indirect light (optional)

A dynamic light option is available, giving you the ability to set the optimal level of working light according to your preferences and changes in daylight conditions. The character of the entire room changes when the colour temperature changes, and those who work under the fitting will enjoy a more comfortable feeling that is in line with the biological rhythms of the body and can be adjusted as necessary. This is a function that must be experienced to be believed.

You also have the option of having an indirect, upward-focused light, reducing the contrast between the powerful work lighting and ambient lighting. This means that your eyes don’t have to adapt quite as much when moving between different light zones.

Exquisite lighting for
clinical environments

Place one hand 10 centimetres above the other when standing under a Clair light. You’ll find that your upper hand will not shadow your lower. The same is actually true of all D-TEC’s fittings. The light from a Clair fitting is projected from its framework into light-distributing prisms instead of downwards. This means that you will never be aware of any light sources and instead experience an even and shadow-free light. If you have any questions, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Product CL104
Light source LED 104-216 W
Volt 230 V
Brightness 12 800-21 325 lm
Colour temperature 3 000 K - 6 500 K RA94
Dimensions 1 530 x 670 mm
Weight 16.3 kg
  • Shadow- and glarefree
  • Full-LED
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimal heat radiation
  • Hygienic enclosed construction with aluminium housing
  • IP30-rated
  • Large light surface that provides great workspace